Can you imagine a holiday where you could swim, and or cycle and or run every day if you wanted to, without having to think about anything else?

Can you imagine a bespoke holiday where you could decide each day whether to cycle, swim or run, or all three and how far to go?

Can you imagine a holiday where someone else sorted out all the logistics and practicalities of doing just that?

And can you imagine a holiday where one price covered absolutely everything; staying in beautiful spacious accommodation, guided swims/bikes/runs every day, with a backup support vehicle, and all meals*.

This is what we can offer.

Planning and logistics sorted for you

All the practicalities; organising routes tailored to your ability, transport to and from locations, carrying picnics, kit and spares is done for you, enabling you to get on and enjoy what you want to do. All activities are flexible at short notice.

Just your group/family...

As a ‘bespoke’ holiday, the group or family that you arrange to come with will be the only people here. This ensures your group/family does not have to share the facilities in the gîte, or any of your planned activities with anyone else.

All meals provided...*

‘Self-service continental style breakfast’ – we understand your varied requirements in the morning.
Substantial picnic lunch; almost certainly out and about somewhere.
Three-course dinner in the evening. Menus can be arranged in advance.
*…except beer. Transport will be provided if required so you can purchase beer/wine and any additional goodies you might like.

An Active Holiday

You don’t have to be a triathlete, or even aspire to be one. You can, if you wish, just cycle, or swim or run. The package is bespoke… that’s the whole point!

For families...

We know that trying to balance the wishes of everyone, let alone combining triathlon activities with a family holiday, can be a bit of a challenge. So here’s the idea…

The whole family stays in the gîte on a self-catering basis, doing family activities, eating together as a family. Then, for as many half days or whole days as you want, for as many family members as you want, you can have the guided and supported options for swimming and/or cycling and/or running.

For families...

We can plan your route or different activities to fit in with other things the other family members may be doing.

If your whole family is ‘triathlon mad’, we could tailor activities for different family members on different days to keep everyone happy. As a bespoke offer we are open to discuss any of your ideas.

We just want you to be able to relax and enjoy the amazing swimming, cycling and running opportunities that are here!

Activities For All…

What we offer is a holiday, not a training camp. Above all we want you to enjoy what this fantastic area has to offer. The opportunities to swim, cycle and run are amazing.

And just one last thought… you don’t have to be a triathlete, or even aspire to be one. You can, if you wish, just cycle, or swim or run. The package is bespoke… that’s the whole point!

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Anna and Andrew were fantastic hosts during my week. Nothing was too much trouble and they constantly looked for ways to make my stay perfect. Andrew took me on rides through picturesque hills and villages and modified each days activity based on how my legs pulled up. The swimming in the lakes was incredible.
Anna did a fantastic job preparing awesome meals from fresh produce straight out of her garden. We enjoyed a pre dinner beer in the sunshine, which capped off the days perfectly.
When I wanted a break we went on sightseeing trips to local villages and lookouts. I was looking for a holiday to unwind, and to keep my legs ticking over. Anna and Andrew delivered this in spades. Highly recommended for any triathlete.

Peter Mack, Melbourne, Australia

Sample Itineraries

Here are some ideas of what we can offer. Remember everything is flexible. We offer the guide, the locations, and the support. You decide what you want to do!

If you want to gain confidence in swimming longer distances all of our three lake locations are perfect for a longer swim. A back up canoe will be available. Towels and picnics as required.

If you would like to cycle for a more significant distance then we can plan longer routes. These can have supported picnic stops if you wish. There are a number of routes, which have a ‘Cafe stop’, but we can’t offer that for every single route!

We can take you to a location where you can run then swim, or swim then run. We will be there to show you where to go and offer towels and food where appropriate.

If you would like to practice transitions specifically we can organise that.

If you wish we could organise a trial or mock triathlon. We can make it feel like the real thing if that is what you want; although please be aware we cannot run an actual competition!

You are on holiday…so you will need some down time! We aim to keep Wednesday afternoons as ‘free time’ even in the most hectic of schedules. In reality you can actually have as much downtime as you need. It’s your schedule.

We have 25 acres of woods and pastures, and a track from us goes right down to the lake. Perfect for a peaceful stroll.

If you would like a couple of hours in our local village of Treignac than we can arrange transport.

Why Triathlon Holidays?

You might wonder why we specifically offer ‘triathlon’ holidays. Well, as a family we have been involved with cycling and triathlons since 2005. Andrew has completed the Half Ironman 70.3 at Wimbleball five times, competed in numerous shorter triathlons and completed the Alpe D’Huez triathlon (the long one) twice.

Anna has refined her ability to manage the logistics of not only a triathlon-mad husband but a son as well. She enjoys doing this as much as they enjoy competing!

Finding this wonderful area we realised that it was perfect if you wanted to train for triathlons. As you can imagine competing is on the back burner while we finish the renovations, but Andrew has plans for a full Ironman Or ‘Embrum Man’ in 2019. We look forward to sharing this fantastic place with those who love to swim, cycle and run and the really mad people who like to do all three!